Introducing Digital Solutions

It seems like everything is digital these days, so what’s the big deal?  Digital Solutions is a new offering by CapTech that addresses the continuing trend of increased collaboration between enterprise IT and Marketing organizations.  I won’t reiterate the details here, as we have created a new single-page microsite that will highlight the benefits and the reasons why this offering is different than anything else on the marketplace.

Shoot me a note if you are interested in hearing more.  This has been my passion for the past two years, keeping me going even during down times.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Yes, I Deleted My Website

I was a victim of my own carelessness.  I was cleaning up some of my hosting environment, deleting old databases that were supporting sandbox websites that I no longer need or care to use.  In the process, I managed to delete the database that supports my primary website.  Whoops!!!

Well, I may learn my lesson from this exercise to actually keep a backup of this site from time to time.  In reality, it probably doesn’t really matter as I didn’t have anything important nor am I that stressed that all of my previous posts are gone.  At a minimum it allows me to create a new 2014 iteration of my website using the latest version of wordpress.

More to come, one of my resolutions is to be a little more active on my blog and I suppose this is a good start.